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Tithing is a shield to keep you protected from the sin of loving money. It keeps you safe from trusting money, and keeps you protected from those things that would devour your wealth. Got wealth? However, He has character standards that must be met.

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Learn how to manage wealth by loving God, not money, in order to guard yourself from sin. Skip to main content. Toggle navigation Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Taking the Word to the world. Follow KCM. This week's series.

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Tuesday : Your Identity in Christ. Thursday : Know Your Enemy. In this video. Watch Now. He is to have it in his heart, in his life and in his mind. But the average Christian does not use the weapon of the Word of God. There is no other way for the Christian to fight. That is why I have said all these years that a Christian who does not have the habit of daily reading the Word of God for his own benefit is not going to be a strong Christian. Years ago I learned what I believe to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, lessons I have ever learned.

I was reading my Bible the first day of January many years ago in the old building that used to stand here. I was reading the First Psalm:. A tree planted by a river is an evergreen. It reaches its roots down into the moist soil, draws food from that soil, and stands strong by the riverbank. Now listen to this]; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. I almost said to myself, Am I reading it right? I made a covenant with God. I will read it every day of my life until I hear from Heaven. God has given you the weapon of His Word. Get out that old Bible, open it up every day, and read it for yourself.

Think of the power of the Holy Spirit. And every Christian has the Holy Spirit.

Carnal Weapon

We are so scared that someone is going to think we are a little bit Pentecostal. I am scared to death that they are not going to think that we are! But, friend, if you are a Christian, you have the Holy Spirit of God in you.

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  6. Paul, writing to the church at Corinth, said:. You are the dwelling place of the Holy Ghost. The Spirit of God dwells not in temples made with hands. He dwells in saved people. And think how powerful He is!

    Carnal Weapon by Peter Hoffmann

    You know, nothing in the world will destroy as much as a rushing wind. It will lick the face of the earth up. That is what we need in our church, the power of the Holy Ghost. That is what we need in our lives, the power of the Holy Ghost. These are not ordinary days.

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    Our enemy is not an ordinary foe. Just ordinary human weapons will never win the victory.

    We have the same powerful weapons and the same mighty God today that Moses had when he won the victory from the whole Egyptian nation. I had rather have a slingshot and God than the mighty sword of Goliath and have to depend on the power of the flesh. The mighty power of God can melt the hardest hearts of men. His power can overcome the awful Goliath of liberalism abroad in the land today. We need not quake and fear in the presence of the enemy. This is what I really love about our text this morning. God is guaranteeing that if you use His weapons, you will win.

    I am so glad that victory is guaranteed. Before Jesus died, He said He would rise again. He guaranteed He would come forth in victory. God guarantees victory if you will use spiritual weapons. I talked with a man yesterday who told me a tragic story of his life. He is separated from his family, and the story of his life has been one of drink and alcoholism.

    Is there any hope? Is there any way out? I can tell you of a hope that fits any human being in this world. We bowed our heads and went to God in prayer and talked about the Gospel and how to believe. You might have made an attempt at being a Christian before. You may be what we call a backslider. The characters are energized by a new economy of easy affluence, electronics and advertising financier Joseph P.

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    The Israelites: For Our Weapons Of Warfare Are Not Carnal

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