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This market is healthy, and I believe will grow for years to come based on growth in 5G, IoT, security and automotive. Lattice is focused on small, low power FPGAs.

Lattice Semiconductor Looks Like A Different Company At Its Financial Analyst Day

This is very different from other companies with larger FPGAs that operate at around watts and 3, mm2. Since Lattice has changed focused its strategy, I believe it has reduced the amount of competition they have with other FPGA companies. The new leadership team has also set its focus on financial discipline.

Lattice plans on bringing in consistent profitability and cash flow expansion. The mission of Lattice is driven by the new leadership team with industry experience and plan to jump-start its new strategies. Sometimes what's required to jump-start a company with years of history is a new, energized management team and a new style.

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  • This doesn't always lead to the change the board or street is looking for, but when you get positive change, some real magic can happen. I see this at the companies I closely follow in the industry. The new management team provides deep expertise with many of them coming from the FPGA background:.

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    Anderson has put together a team that with experience not only in FPGAs but also experience in being in different positions of the executive team. For example, Elashmawi and Douglass have both had product and technology roles. With a unique executive team, the company says it is creating a culture that's "fast, accountable and performance driven" with "financial discipline. As stated earlier, I believe now is the perfect time for Lattice to direct its focus to low power FPGAs because as Elashmawi pointed out, low power FPGAs are a growing market, not only in existing markets but also in new upcoming markets.

    The end markets that these FPGAs are developing new and growing applications for are communication, compute, industrial, automotive, and consumer markets.

    Point Lattice -- from Wolfram MathWorld

    Even though the industrial end market is the largest of the five, Lattice surfaced the communication market and the compute market first because they contain a fair amount of excitement when it comes to the integration of FPGAs into the 5G communication ecosystem as well as future servers and enterprise storage. The comms and compute end markets are healthy markets for low power FPGAs to be in.

    FPGAs will have a higher value proposition from the current dominant 4G network to the growing future-dominant 5G network.

    Low power FPGAs will and do play a part in the development of the 5G network and it is something to be excited about. Lattice intends to double its SAM. Ihaka has created a wonderful set of slides on the subject. An excellent early consideration of trellis graphs can be found in W. Cleveland's classic book Visualizing Data. Try this interactive course on data visualization which covers lattice graphs.

    Kabacoff, Ph. Lattice Graphs The lattice package, written by Deepayan Sarkar, attempts to improve on base R graphics by providing better defaults and the ability to easily display multivariate relationships. Customizing Lattice Graphs Unlike base R graphs, lattice graphs are not effected by many of the options set in the par function.

    Lattice Raises $25m Series C to Continue Empowering People Leaders to Develop High-Performing Teams

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