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Fagan K. Koops, M. Arts, T. Lake whitefish feeding habits and condition in Lake Michigan. Advances in Limnology Honeyfield, D. Daniels, L. Brown, M. Survey of four essential nutrients and thiaminase activity in five Lake Ontario preyfish species. Journal of Great Lakes Research 38 1 : Arts, S. Marine Biology 5 : DOI Albu S. Sverko, M. Synthesis of deuterated 5 Z ,11 Z -eicosadienoic acid as a biomarker for trophic transfer.

Tetrahedron Letters Assessing the utility of C:N ratios for predicting lipid content in fishes. Fuschino J. Guschina, G. Dobson, N. Yan, J. Rising water temperatures alter lipid dynamics and reduce n-3 essential fatty acid concentrations in Scenedesmus obliquus Chlorophyta.

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Hebert, A. Fisk, D. McGoldrick, T. Koops, A. Muir, T.

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  • Under-ice availability of phytoplankton lipids is key to freshwater zooplankton winter survival.
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Polymethylene-interrupted fatty acids: biomarkers for native and exotic mussels in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Journal of Great Lakes Research 37 2 : Browman, I. Effects of UV radiation and diet on polyunsaturated fatty acids in the skin, ocular tissue and dorsal muscle of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar held in outdoor rearing tanks. Photochemistry and Photobiology Blukacz E.

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Under-ice availability of phytoplankton lipids is key to freshwater zooplankton winter survival

Koops, G. Assessing the health of Lake Whitefish populations in the Laurentian Great Lakes: Lessons learned and research recommendations. Chao, J. Characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa fatty acid profiles in biofilms and batch planktonic cultures. Canadian Journal of Microbiology Kainz M. Johannsson and M.

Diet effects on lipid composition, somatic growth potential, and survival of the benthic amphipod Diporeia spp. Simcic, M. Effect of fasting on hypogean Niphargus stygius and epigean amphipods Gammarus fossarum — A laboratory study. Aquatic Ecology Arts, R. Ebener, J.

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Fitzsimons, T. Does condition of Lake Whitefish spawners effect physiological condition of juveniles? Wagner T. Ebener, M. Faisal, T. Brenden, D. Spatial and temporal dynamics of Lake Whitefish Coregonus clupeaformis health measures: linking individual-based indicators to a management-relevant endpoint. Arts M. Health and condition in fish: the influence of lipids on membrane competency and immune response.

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Chapter In, Arts M. Brett eds. Lipids in Aquatic Ecosystems, pp. Read the chapter. Gladyshev M. Chapter 8. Lipids in Aquatic Ecosystems. Weseloh, L. Gauthier, M. Biochemical tracers reveal intra-specific dietary differences in the food webs utilized by individual seabirds. Oecologia Diets of aquatic birds reflect changes in the Lake Huron ecosystem. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management.

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Johannsson, O. Bowen, M. Field assessment of condition indices nucleic acid and protein in Mysis diluviana. Aquatic Biology 5: Perga, M. Essential fatty acid concentrations in different sized seston and zooplankton: a field study in monomictic coastal lakes. Journal of Plankton Research 31 6 : McGoldrick, D. Metcalfe-Smith, M. Schloesser, T. Newton, G. Mackie, E. Monroe, J. Characteristics of a refuge for native freshwater mussels Bivalvia: Unionidae in Lake St.

Journal of Great Lakes Research — Overview of sample preparation methods for the analysis of poly-methylene interrupted fatty acids. Kainz eds. ISBN: Read more about the book by clicking HERE. Weseloh, A. Idrissi, M.

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Gorman, B. Locke, C. Restoring piscivorous fish populations in the Laurentian Great Lakes causes seabird dietary change.