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After a few torrid dates, Tom is hooked. A once-in-a-lifetime thing. Frustrated, Tom seeks the dubious advice of his buddy Shooter, a shallow sexual gladiator, and wonders why he keeps getting into arguments with Bran, his smart, sarcastic "default date. By turns riotous and tenderhearted, Kyle Smith's Love Monkey is the most candid and excruciatingly funny exploration of the male mind and libido since High Fidelity.

A starred or boxed review indicates a book of outstanding quality. A review with a blue-tinted title indicates a book of unusual commercial interest that hasn't received a starred or boxed review. Morrow, p Smith has clearly taken lessons from a few successful writers of chick lit "Days Without Sex: 0" , but his boy version of Bridget Jones lacks the key ingredient: a sympathetic protagonist.

Tom Farrell, 32, lives in Manhattan and works at a publication called Tabloid a dead ringer for the New York Post , which proudly proclaims itself to be "America's loudest newspaper. As he puts it, however, his "most time-consuming hobby is collecting ex-girlfriends," and the novel which chronicles five months in Farrell's life is mostly a jumbled catalogue of his failed love affairs. She knows Tom likes her and it gives her a sense of power.

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Tom is different. He professes his love of Julia to all of his friends and even to Julia, but he freely dates other girls at the same time. He is not going to wait for Julia and sees absolutely nothing wrong with having sex as much as he is able, with whichever women he is able. He wines and dines women that would be a great match for him, but won't commit further, because he wants Julia.

He complains that Julia is dicking him around, but in turn, that's what he is doing to the other women that are interested in him. It's a vicious cycle.

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This book serves as a reminder of why men and women who have an attraction towards each other, really shouldn't be friends. Julia and Tom torment each other, as they constantly keep in each others lives, even though they are both getting emotionally screwed. Oct 09, JJ rated it liked it.

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I had no idea this book was turned into a TV show. I guess it's already been canceled and too late to check it out now.

Love Monkey: A Novel

The main character, Tom, is a likeable enough guy. He pines for Julia, a younger coworker who already has a boyfriend. His longing for Julia gets tired after a while, and I really start Hmm Poor Tom. Kyle Smith is very descriptive in telling us about Tom's world. Some of his pop culture references made me laugh out loud. Others, like the whole chapter devoted to Tom and his guy friends at the strip club, was so completely boring to me that I skipped over most of it. I described this book as chick lit with a male lead as well. Plus it's set in New York City of course! I wish some authors, as well as television and movie producers, would realize that a whole vast world exists beyond New York City, Los Angeles, or London.

It doesn't have to be the setting for everything these days, you know.

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Feb 07, Gracey rated it it was ok Shelves: least-favorites. This book was touted as the "male Bridget Jones. Of course, it's been quite a few years since I've read "Bridget Jones" but I don't remember her having conversations with her vagina on how good a man's lips would look sucking on her. Did she do that? I also don't remember Bridget Jones trying to sleep with every man she saw; friends, co-workers, friends of friends. But, perhaps she did. Did Bridget try to get al This book was touted as the "male Bridget Jones.

Did Bridget try to get all of her dates drunk so she could trick them into coming back to her apartment so she could try to sleep with them, whether they wanted to or not? Did she? Because Tom does all of these things and worst.

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He is effing horrible and I was not a fan of his constant sexualization of women. This book was disgusting. He just decides he's going to date one of his friends while pining for the woman he really "loves. Aug 24, Stephen Dorneman rated it really liked it.

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Characters are dropped into play rather than introduced, the ex-girlfriend first appears as a not-there haunting presence but then that gimmick is put aside, never to be seen again, and the climactic 'all my current- and ex-girlfriends together at one time' moment is both missing the true love of the narrator's life, and isn't particularly funny, ending in a rather boring, and telegraphed, vomiting scene. But the narrator's heartache is made real yet still funny, the dialogue crackles and sparkles throughout, at least when it's not entirely internal, and the inclusion of the events of September 11 is done surprisingly well, in what still remains a funny book.

It starts slow, and finishes a little light, but the meat in this sandwich is worth biting through the stale ends. Oct 19, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in Not so much here. Anyway, onto Love Monkey. Tom is in love with Julia, who he works with. Julia has a boyfriend who she may or may not be in the process of breaking up with. There are times when the book is staggeringly funny and realized and times when Tom is too much a bore to garner much sympathy. Jun 22, ehnonymus rated it it was ok. Oct 02, Katie rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Single guys who never want to date.

I was told this book was going to be really funny.

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After all, CBS has turned it into a sitcom. Truth is- it was kind of funny about once every For the most part, Love Monkey is the tale of a lame guy who can't seem to get the girl of his dreams. In between his efforts, the guy sleeps with random women and writes movie reviews for a tabloid in NYC. This book goes into excruciating detail, opening up the nonsensical and overwhelmingly perverted mind of a "mon I was told this book was going to be really funny. This book goes into excruciating detail, opening up the nonsensical and overwhelmingly perverted mind of a "monkey man. I got this book ages ago when this became a TV series I looked it up and it was back in I don't remember much of the TV show at all.

Tom is in his early 30s and this book is about him and his dating life in New York City in the spring-fall of Some of this book was really funny other stuff I wondered why it was even part of the book.

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It ended kind of abruptly too. Tom was semi dating a few girls and I hope he'd I got this book ages ago when this became a TV series Tom was semi dating a few girls and I hope he'd end up with Julia in the end put he ended up with no one. He was a little annoying but likeable. I remembered reading this book at my neighborhood bookstore when I lived in San Francisco. I finished this book in 2 sittings and I loved it.

At the time, they had come out with the TV version of it which actually didn't last a whole season. I was quite sad. This book is hilarious! I liked reading a man's perspective of things! A lot of people have said this book is a lot like High Fidelity. If you're a High Fidelity fan, you'll either like this book too or think it is a cop off.

I hadn't seen o I remembered reading this book at my neighborhood bookstore when I lived in San Francisco. I hadn't seen or read high fidelity yet at the time but I really enjoyed this book for what it was. Jan 23, Christian Carbone rated it it was amazing. Love Monkey. It was in the bookcase for a while. I finally cracked it.