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Thomson [APC. Beardslee [APC. Z Ryder [aS1. Mitchell, Laura Mitchell [AZ3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. I always been a fan of anything of Oz in general so I thought why not read the original Oz books What I thought This was one hell of a journey!! Not only do you see Oz in these books but you see other magical countries like one that snows popcorn, and one that lies the Gnome King. Each book you get spend time with your favorite characters, and meet fascinating new characters while they take amazing adventures.

This whole series might of been for children, but it put a smile on my face. I have a few things I noticed though that i'm not sure kids would.

Like when they said nobody dies in Oz, Um hello the two wicked witches! Didn't they die? Also why does everybody say " to be sure" All the time? Plus even I gotta admit for all the praise they put on the Scarecrows brains, he's kind of an idiot. Oh and wasn't the Cowardly lion supposedly given courage?

Why is he still so afraid in the rest of the books? While the Tin man and The Scarecrow have no problems with their fake brains and heart. I will also like to know if i'm the only one who thinks Ozma give's Dorothy patronizing smiles when she thinks she said something stupid? That being said this is full of friendship, adventure, magic and loyalty. I recommend it to all Oz fans. View 2 comments. I have gone out of my way to rate this particular Collection because not all the mobile versions are well edited.

This one has indexes for every book and displays all the relevant content. For example, how frustrating is it to get to the description of the notes about Tic Toc in the third book to find the text missing because it is an image in the original books? This version has the text. If you want the Oz books compiled on your shelf in one book, until they come out with one containing the or I have gone out of my way to rate this particular Collection because not all the mobile versions are well edited.

If you want the Oz books compiled on your shelf in one book, until they come out with one containing the original illustrations, this is worthy. I love the classic film and as a parent, had seen it some hundred plus times over the years, thanks mainly to a daughter who was obsessed with it at one point. I had read the first book when I was much younger, seeking more of the color and pageantry and spectacle of the movie and remember being vaguely disappointed. That's what happens when Hollywood magic fills your imagination.