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Since the stories in these cases are written in the literal style of Doyle, they also unfortunately inherit his overuse of stereotypes and his signature perspicacious deductive reasoning. The cases are moderately challenging and some can be difficult to finish. The dialogs, in general, are well written and sound a little more modern than what Doyle may have written himself. On the whole, the characters are engaging and all are well acted to convey the sometimes convoluted storylines.

I loath Myst. Imagine, if you can, a game that is the antitheses of Myst, a game which relies entirely on character interaction and deductive reasoning. There are no illogical puzzles, no computational puzzles, and no puzzles involving abstract configurations. This is such a game.

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The goal of this game is to solve the case by listening to the conversations and sifting through the evidence, with as little footwork as possible. To help you along the way, there are a number of characters with whom you can consult. Apart from the ever present Dr Watson, you also meet Inspector Lestrade, who is Sherlock's favorite Scotland Yard Detective, and the infamous Baker street irregulars and regulars.

With Sherlock's address book, you have access to a number of socialites, establishments, and thugs from the dark side of London. You can even access the Times, with which no good sleuth should leave home without! The Times is filled with stories of the day but also includes a lot of irrelevant material.

It is your job to discern what is and is not useful for your case. Both hard and soft copies are included with the game. You have access to Sherlock's files.

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These files are filled with short pieces of information about the suspects as well as information on other notable Sherlock Holmes characters. I am pleased to see that the game has made a mentioning of Mycroft, Sherlock's smarter but lazier brother. These additions give an added depth to the game. When you believe that you have gathered enough evidence to solve the case, you need to go to the judge and plead your case.

The challenge in this game is that you never know how much evidence is enough until the judge hears your case.

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The judge asks you questions on the motives, the suspects, and the methods. After you solve the case, you can hear Sherlock going through his own reasoning and you are then issued a score based on how many characters you have interacted within the game. Once you hear Sherlock's reasoning, there is not much point in replaying the scenario again since you are now aware of the best way to obtain full points for the cases.

On the positive side, the unique concept of gameplay in this game is both interesting and attractive. All dustwrappers are supplied in a removable protective cover. And if it doesn't say it is a First Edition, it isn't. Baskerville Books. Sherlock Holmes consulting detective. Volume 4 : in retirement Kelvin I. First edition.

Penzance : Oakmagic Publications, A biography of Holmes, covering the period Ordering this book To order books please use the form at the right and we will advise you of availability and the total cost, including postage and packing. It has been several months since veteran Green Beret Jim Slate Employing a mercenary wizard, Monzo had transformed Slate into a werewolf with the Holmes and Houdini.

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