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Skip Header. Shop All Party Supplies. I wanted more time with them connecting romantically without the list dictating what they were doing! I wouldn't say that this is one of those books where the dead spouse feels like the third in a love triangle. I think the h was understandably guilty at times, but not so much it felt OTT.

The H also was completely open and understanding that the h's husband will always hold a place in her heart, but that he had a shot at helping her heal and being a part of her future. Overall, it was a sweet story about healing with little drama and a great H. Poppy's life is turned upside down when Cole informs her that her husband has been murdered.

About five years later, they meet again when Poppy signed up for a karate class taught by Cole. Poppy's late husband had a "birthday list" that had things that he needed to do before certain birthdays, and she is trying to finish it in hopes of moving on.

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Cole doesn't hesitate to offer his help in getting the items checked off, especially if that means more time spent with Poppy. The more time they spend together, the more feelings develop and they fall in love. There is a little drama, some sexy times, and some sweet and funny moments Overall Pace of Story: Good. I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well. Instalove: No. Instant attraction after reunion for sure, by I wouldn't call it instalove. H rating: 5 stars. If any of us ever have something tragic happen to us like it did for Poppy, I can only hope that we all can have someone like Cole to put us back together!

He was flipping' amazing! So patient. So sweet. So understanding. Just Perfect.

I liked her for the most part, but I did feel like she took advantage of the H at some points but that might be simply because I liked him so much. Sadness level: Low, no tissues needed surprisingly. The H is not pushy in any way, but I'd say he is the main pursuer of the relationship. They have some good tension, chemistry, and scenes -- but not so much it takes away from the story. The h is not fully over her husband's death and takes a while to get over the guilt of moving on. This was a lovely, heartwarming and emotional story. The love story between the characters was slow burn and sweet, I enjoyed it.

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Cole was perfect for Poppy, he was exactly what she needed! The story was told from both Cole and Poppy made the story intimidate! Even though the story was interesting and the romance was good there were parts where it was a little bit slow for my taste and this make me not to give it 5 stars.

However, it was a beautiful story! The book made me laugh, it made me cry, and it left me with a big smile on my face Poppy was married to her college sweetheart Jamie the love of her life Jamie was a fun loving guy One of the items on the list is to attend a karate class Poppy was such a real and likable character Cole was in a word perfection The chemistry between the two of them was both hot and adorable Cole is an amazing character and he now owns a little piece of my heart.

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Devney Perry has cemented her place as a force to be reckoned with. The Birthday List is thoughtful and thought-provoking. I felt all the feels and experienced the full array of emotions while reading. What I absolutely loved. The characters. Not only the main characters, but the secondary characters are all so well developed.

I feel as though I got to know them. I was interested and invested in their stories. Cole and Poppy are stunning! Both are very well written and fleshed out. While I loved them both and Poppy certainly appealed to my emotions due to her loss, but Cole stole the show. The pace is spot on. The emotional triggers well placed. But most of all the writing is fantastic. I loved it! If you love heart-wrenching love stories with feeling, you have to one-click The Birthday List. Highly recommended.

View all 3 comments. I loved this story. It felt really true to life in a great coincidences romance novels kind of way to me. Really bad stuff happens in life, but life goes on and really great stuff can happen too. I absolutely loved both Poppy and Cole. Cole's last name was Goodman;and that was exactly what he was- a good man.

So patient, kind, understanding, funny, authoritative, but not jerkish. And definitely not a pushover. He was not only good book boyfriend material, he was real life good boyfriend- make him your husband- material.

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Poppy was loyal and sweet and feisty at times. She was heart sick and struggling, but she was taking things "minute by minute". I really respected her. And I was so very happy for her. I enjoyed seeing them fall in love. It was the perfect slow burn. There was physical attraction from the start, but they got to know each other.

They built a friendship first. I have to say, I loved Jamie too. Getting to know him through his Birthday List made me want to known him more and miss him a lot. And so sad That his life was cut short by senseless violence. Imagined how much Poppy must have missed such a big personality. One other thing I liked a lot about this book was Finn's Poppy's brother and Molly's Poppy's bestie little side story. Real life struggles Anywho, I loved it. Happy reading! View all 14 comments. The feels! I was memorized!

Devney Perry is a pro at writing small town romances that will make you swoon, cry, and fall head over heels in love. Her novels will suck you in, capture your heart, and make you believe in fate. I don't know where it comes from, but her words are pure beauty and a breath of fresh air. You need to read this book. It's now going to be sitting at the top of my list for favorite books of But not in a way that will make you feel down and upset at it all. She is going to simply tug at your emotions and make you see that life- the turbulent journey that it is- is beautiful. There are sad moments, blissful moments, hard moments, and so much in between.

But that moment where you truly find your other half. The one that will stick by you no matter what moment you are in, that make all the other crap worth it.

She proves this in the birthday list, and breaths beauty through pain.