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Playing Card Holders. Portfolio and Pro Binder. Much of the plunder would end up in the hands of the British, not least in the holdings of the British Museum, but its initial discovery and collection were largely directed and executed by French science. The fishes of the Nile were also comprehensively surveyed and collected. The ichneumon, or Egyptian mongoose, was rigorously described. Countless specimens of Nilotic flora and fauna were brought back, cataloged, and, eventually, counted.

And straddling the boundary between the civil and natural histories of Egypt were the mummified animals, the sacred beasts of the temples that had been given the same treatment in death as the pharaohs: the Apis bull, the Dorcas gazelle, the cat, the falcon, the ibis: once marvelous aggregates, with capacities and freedoms issuing from the thousand partial and concurrent actions of their living bodies, now shriveled and dried after millennia wrapped in cloth clinging to the discolored bones of otherwise-perfect animal skeletons.

These animals had reemerged from the distant past and had been received by the practitioners of the new science of details. The information they conveyed from the era of their flourishing was that ancient Egypt, too, was a world of details. And while Newton was given credit for uniting the world spatially by laying out the laws for the description of bodies everywhere, the details of Egyptian animal anatomy seemed, at least at first, to provide a unifying bridge between temporally separated regions, connecting different eras through the fixity of animal forms: the same curved beak of the ibis tracing the shape of the crescent moon, the same great sternum, the same number of cervical vertebrae, the same blunt pygostyle.

A world of details is not a world of flux, and the science that surveys the variety of things must not lose sight of the unity underlying them. Over the decade following the Egyptian campaign there appeared in France several treatises on the natural history of the ibis. This was a common and well-established approach to zoological writing. Thus, Edward Tyson divides his Orang-Outang, sive Homo Sylvestris into two halves, the first featuring a precise anatomical study of a chimpanzee, the second attempting an exhaustive philological investigation of all ancient references to satyrs, forest men, and like creatures, in the aim of determining which of these were in fact descriptions, however embellished or filtered through false beliefs, of actually existing species of ape.

Savigny expends no small effort in the task of disambiguation, determining which is the true Egyptian ibis and which are only false identifications of similar species: thus, what Fredrik Hasselquist describes is only a sort of heron; [11].

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Savigny credits the Scottish traveler James Bruce, author of the Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile , with having first identified the white ibis as the true species represented in ancient Egyptian monuments. Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? Login or Register.

Save Word. Log In. Definition of saurian. Keep scrolling for more. Other Words from saurian saurian adjective. Examples of saurian in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Texas' alligator population, down to just a few thousand barely a half-century ago, currently stands at as many as a half-million, with the wetland-dependent saurians documented in of the state's counties.

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